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Our mission

Our mission is clearly defined: to make your IT system seaworthy, storm-proof and absolutely ready for the 3rd millennium. Using our considerable experience and expertise, we develop a customised, complete IT solution to meet your exact needs. We aspire to deliver high-quality IT services and build lasting customer relationships.

We are a highly specialised IT service provider and software manufacturer that focuses on providing its customers with all-round support. We accompany projects from the initial consultation, through their implementation, to their conclusion – and beyond. Consulting, training, technical support, managed services: we believe in depth. We support our clients fully over many years. But the real key to our success is their satisfaction – and that of our employees. Satisfaction is the only way to achieve the best results.



N3K was founded in December 2000 by Rainer Maurer, a 29-year-old computer scientist from Heilbronn, together with two colleagues.


Development and introduction of the proprietary software runIP

To create runIP, N3K combined the experience gained from setting up thousands of remote servers and hundreds of VitalQIP® environments into one holistic solution.


Extension of the product range to include Active Directory auditing


Distribution of the Blackbird Active Directory solution


N3K extends specialisation to the product areas: Privileged Account Management.


Change in shareholder structure – VR Equitypartner becomes new N3K shareholder


N3K acquires majority stake in US software developer Cygna Labs

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Development of the company’s own software runIP RADAR


Relocation to new premises at Ferdinand-Braun-Strasse 2/1


Change in shareholder structure – Swiss investment company Invision acquires majority of N3K shares from VR Equitypartner

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Alexander Häcker

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Häcker started his career in 1999 at IntegralisCentaur, now NTT Com Security, where he was responsible for a number of large clients as an account manager from 2001.

In 2002 he moved to N3K to take on new challenges. He successfully established many new relationships with large businesses, and by 2005 he was the sole sales contact for key accounts. He later became a partner at N3K. In 2006, following two years of extra-occupational studies, he graduated as a Certified IT Economist (IHK).

He was given overall responsibility for sales at N3K in 2007. He continued to expand the firm’s client base and team over the years. He became Managing Director of the Sales division in July 2015.

Following the restructuring of the N3K Group at the end of 2020, Alexander Häcker once again became a shareholder and took over the leadership of N3K Network Systems & Cygna Labs Group as CEO in January 2021.

Christian Ehrenthal

Chief Strategy Officer

Christian Ehrenthal was founder and CEO of the Blackbird Group, a leading provider of compliance and auditing solutions. Since its sale in 2012 to Insight Venture Partners and BeyondTrust, he has been Managing Director of Blackbird Ventures, in which position he concentrates on investing in innovative technology companies with a focus on the SaaS and infrastructure software sectors.

Christian Ehrenthal founded Cygna Labs in 2017 and led it as CEO. The N3K Group acquired a majority stake in it at the end of 2018. Mr Ehrenthal advised the N3K Group on its restructuring at the end of 2020. He has been Chief Strategy Officer since the beginning of 2021, making him responsible for corporate strategy, M&A and American business. 

Christian Ehrenthal has an MBA from the University at Albany, USA.

Fabian Naudascher

Finance Director

Fabian Naudascher began his career in 1986 as an auditing assistant in Offenburg. He has continuously held management positions since 1990 at smaller family businesses as well as large corporate groups. Wherever he was, he managed commercial departments, set up reporting systems according to international standards and implemented treasury systems.

In January 2014, he became the Janoschka Group’s board member responsible for finance, controlling, taxes and treasury. Fabian Naudascher has been Chief Financial Officer of  N3K Network Systems & Cygna Group since February 2021.


BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in privileged access management, offering the most seamless approach to preventing privilege-related breaches. Our extendable platform enables businesses to easily increase access security levels as threats evolve across endpoint, server, cloud, DevOps and network device environments. We are trusted by 20,000 customers.

Cygna Labs Diamond IP is the only major supplier in the DDI industry to offer the most flexible and scalable solutions for today’s most complex IP networks. The solution helps you reduce costs permanently, increase productivity effectively and achieve even greater efficiency.

HP Bromium has transformed endpoint security to defeat cyberattacks with its revolutionary isolation technology. Unlike antivirus software and other detection-based defences that cannot stop modern attacks, Bromium uses micro-virtualisation to keep users safe while delivering significant cost savings.

Infoblox provides critical network services. These services secure the DNS (domain name system) infrastructure, automate cloud deployments, and help make corporate and service provider networks more available worldwide. Infoblox is the market leader in DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP address management) and reduces risk and complexity in network operations.

Founded in 1990, the Icelandic company Men & Mice specialises in software solutions in the fields of DNS, DHCP and IP address management. Its focus is on providing the best possible support for Microsoft DNS and DHCP server environments, and automated interfaces to the cloud.

VitalQIP is a leading DDI solution from NOKIA. One of the first DDI products on the market, VitalQIP has been used successfully by the world’s biggest businesses for many years. The VitalQIP DDI solution automates and simplifies the management of IP addresses and basic network services such as DNS and DHCP in medium and large enterprises.