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N3K Network Systems is a leading provider of integrated IT products and services in Germany. IP address management, Active Directory and cloud auditing solutions, privilege management and security: whatever the field, we focus on high-quality, individualized support – from the beginning to the end of each project and beyond. We analyze, advise, design, implement and train – while focusing on customer needs. Our clients include more than 250 businesses – including half of all the biggest companies on the DAX. Clients from banking and insurance, media, trade, industry, universities, IT – they all trust our expertise. 

N3K’s success is based on our USPs: customized complete solutions in defined specialist areas, long-standing customer relationships, and sustainable, future-facing approaches. With locations in the USA and Singapore, we have established ourselves as a IT service provider worldwide.


What awaits you as an employee at N3K? We are a renowned, worldwide active IT service provider based in Heilbronn. Our customized complete IT solutions have earned us a name at numerous DAX companies. Our customer projects require perfectly coordinated teamwork. We organize regular events to strengthen the cohesion of our workforce. And real experiences weld people together. From our summer party, to the Stimme Corporate Run, to various team-building events: Things are never get boring here.

Rooted in the region, at home in the world: we have also been involved in regional sports for more than ten years, such as our sponsorship of the Heilbronner Falken. We moved to our new headquarters in Heilbronn’s Schwabenhof district in 2019. Bright, comfortable rooms, a sun terrace, two-person offices, a private parking garage and free drinks are just some of the benefits. Flexible working hours, a motivated and open-minded team make for a perfect working atmosphere.

We are N3K | We are a Team!

N3K | Participating as a team at the Heilbronner Stimme Firmenlauf!

N3K has been a fan and an officially top sponsor of the Heilbronner Stimme Firmenlauf.

N3K | Sports challenges

We encourage and challenge our employees through many sports challenges. Joint running and cycling activities are happily accepted.

Engagement in the region

N3K & HEC 

N3K knows from experience that it can work very well, because already 10 years ago Axel Hackert, professional DEL player, started his apprenticeship as an IT systems manager at N3K. In the meantime, the company employs four active or former ice hockey players.

Supporting the youth at the Heilbronner Eishockeyclub (HEC)!

February 2023: N3K extends partnership with HEC for another three years! In addition to the signing of the sponsorship agreement, the training cooperation launched in 2021 was also an important topic of the press conference. In addition to N3K as a premium cooperation partner, several Heilbronn companies have already joined the cooperation and offer athletes a perspective after professional sports through the possibility of an apprenticeship, internship or study place.

HEC & N3K!

N3K main sponsor of Heilbronn Ice Hockey Club for another three years | Training cooperation N3K & HEC!

N3K & HEC Partnership!

N3K has been the first company to corporate together with the HEC and Heilbronner Falken to give young players a professional career perspective.

N3K | Supporting the youth at the Heilbronner Eishockeyclub (HEC)!

N3K has been the first company to corporate together with the HEC and Heilbronner Falken to give young players a professional career perspective.

N3K | Teambuilding!

N3K | Teambuilding go-kart course Bad Rappenau

The Grand Prix of N3K!

N3K Teambuilding | The Grand Prix of N3K

The pre-start rush, the special thrill during the race....

N3K Teambuilding | The Grand Prix of N3K

...and the awesome racing atmosphere brings lots of fun!

N3K Teambuilding | The Champions.

Being brave and drifting into the curves.....

N3K | We had a lot of fun! 

It was fun!

Teambuilding | a trip into the past!

N3K | Teambuilding at Burg Stettenfels!

Traveling back in time for a day and immersing themselves in the middle age was the motto of our teambuilding event. First of all, the teams hat to prove their craftsmanship and build a “Seifenkiste”. The teams had a lot of fun and built a “Seifenkiste” only within 1.5 hours.

N3K|Middle Ages at Castle Stettenfels!

 Right before the fight for the crown and the favor of King Arthur, our 4 teams had a refreshment.

AutoArena Motorsport | ADAC GT Masters Finale at Hockenheimring

According to “The Fast and the Furious” the GT Masters Finale took place at the Hockenheimring. The N3K’ler had the opportunity to experience the race from the VIP lounge of the Baden-Württemberg Tower.

N3K | Sponsor AutoArena Motosport

Witnessing the starting lineup of the race is always the highlight of the event.

N3K | Sponsor AutoArena Motorsport!

For more than 6 years N3K is sponsoring the team around Patrick Assenheimer and AutoArena Motorsport.