BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access

The fastest way to protect your most important IT infrastructure.

With BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management, you can control remote access to critical systems without hindering authorized users in their work. Define how and from where users can access critical systems. Monitor sessions in real time and record them to obtain detailed audit trails.

Privileged access control

Establish policies that describe secure communication channels for internal and external access and permissions to target systems for personal as well as shared accounts. Define which endpoints users can access and when, and set up application whitelists and blacklists to fully secure privileged access. Control and monitor sessions using a secure agent or using standard protocols for RDP, VNC, Web and SSH connections. Set authorization and notification preferences, so that the people responsible stay informed about requested and current access. Administrators can use their mobile devices to approve requests and monitor access usage from anywhere.

Centrally regulated secure access paths

Administrators and IT teams can manage and execute permitted access, usage approval and auditing of privileged accounts from a central location. All connections are routed through a single access path. This reduces the attack surface and enables easy management of authorized access to endpoints for each user. Access to dedicated target systems from outside your network can be defined and, once approved, strongly secured without the need for a VPN tunnel. The end-user experience is also improved, because access to every endpoint is controlled and performed through one interface.

Audit and compliance

Meet internal and external compliance requirements through means of comprehensive audit trails, session forensics and other reporting features. Capture detailed session data for real-time and post-session review.

Administrators can check and monitor the use of privileged accounts and easily generate documentation reports for compliance evidence.


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