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According to a study by IDC, 80% of all network problems are due to changes. Unintentional changes in file systems, in Active Directory or in critical applications such as Exchange or Office-365 can quickly lead to far-reaching problems.

Our auditing and reporting solutions help you avoid such problems and ensure lasting security and control despite constant change. Improve the security and compliance of your Active Directory, file servers and Microsoft applications, both in your own data center and in the cloud, with built-in controls, best-practice procedures and comprehensive change auditing capabilities.

Cygna Labs products enable organizations to improve infrastructure availability, security and compliance, reduce costs associated with poor performance and downtime, and meet regulatory and internal compliance requirements.



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Cygna Labs is a leading provider of compliance solutions that grant unparalleled visibility across Microsoft-hybrid IT infrastructures. Built from the ground up to protect data regardless of its location, Cygna Auditor delivers insight into user behavior, system configuration and data sensitivity. Organizations worldwide rely on Cygna Labs to detect and proactively mitigate data security threats, affordably pass compliance audits, with less effort, and increase the productivity of their IT departments.

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The Cygna "Recovery for Azure AD" is now available!

A module for Azure AD object recovery and rollback has been added to the Cygna Auditor platform.

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The Cygna "Recovery for Azure AD" module uses the change events already collected in the Cygna Auditor platform via the "Auditor for Azure" module, so that changes can be rolled back with a simple mouse click. The release of our new Cygna Azure AD Recovery module technologically closes the hybrid circle of our proven "one-platform" approach.

Technologically unique, the "Recovery for Azure AD" module can ensure simple and highly granular recovery of all deleted and unauthorized or accidentally modified Azure AD objects.

As part of the expansion, we are offering our customers an exclusive special 25% discount on the purchase of the Cygna Recovery for Azure AD module. We would be happy to provide you with an interactive live demo of this operational security enhancement in combination with the entire Cygna Auditor platform functionality.

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