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VitalQIP Integrations

Cisco DNA Center

Cisco DNA Center allows for integration with External IPAM Providers in their network management dashboard which is used to manage IP Address Pools, Sub-Pools and devices.  VitalQIP 21 provides the necessary REST API specified by Cisco to achieve the IPAM integration.  These REST API provide the ability to retrieve, create, modify and delete IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure in VitalQIP all managed within the Cisco DNA Center Network IP Address Pools.  Cisco IPv4 and IPv6 Pools, Sub-Pools, and devices map to VitalQIP IPv4 Networks, IPv6 Blocks, IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets, IPv4 Objects and IPv6 Addresses.   In order to utilize this specialized REST API interface within Cisco DNA Center, the External IPAM provider must be configured in the Cisco IP Address Manager settings within Cisco DNA Center.

Cisco DNA | Key Features

Setting Page

Cisco IP Address Manager-setting Page (from the Cisco's website)

Workflow for IPAM

From Cisco’s website showing workflow for IPAM integration:

From VitalQIP documentation:

Workflow diagram for creation of Pools within Cisco DNA Center and then the creation of a VitalQIP IPv4 Network or IPv6 Block via specialized REST API available in the VitalQIP 21 and later releases.

VitalQIP V4-Subnet | Example

Example of a VitalQIP V4 Subnet created via Cisco DNA in the VitalQIP WEB/UI.  The V4 Subnet profile displays a checkbox that indicates the V4 Subnet exists in Cisco DNA, and any extra Cisco DNA attributes such as Gateway IP Address, DNS and DHCP Server assignments, and Client Options.