Cygna Entitlement & Security Platform

Cygna Entitlement and Security is a comprehensive, integrated auditing, alerting, and reporting platform that provides insight for your organization’s infrastructure.

Validate User Access

Examine entitlements to ensure that separation of duties and the principal least privilege is being followed. Verify permissions have been revoked when a user changes roles or leaves the organization.

Find High Risk Permissions

Locate potentially high-risk permissions in your environment. Find settings that could be giving broad access to sensitive resources or allowing unauthorised users to make permission changes.

Effective Permissions

Display the effective permissions to see directly set and inherited rights. Expand to see all trustees through group or role membership. Verify that only the desired users have the appropriate permissions.

Powerful Searching & Reporting

Search based on user access or permission perspectives using most recent or historical data. Built-in security audit reports provide answers to common important entitlement queries or easily create custom reports to suit your needs.

Cygna Entitlement & Security Platform

Entitlement & Security for Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is the primary method to provide authentication and authorization at 90% of the Global Fortune 1000 companies and most organizations of all sizes. It is often synchronized or federated to provide access to cloud applications and resources as well. AD security issues can result in costly service disruptions and potentially data breaches or even non-compliance. Organizations need to verify the appropriate AD permissions are set to maintain security and operations. Manual verification is not practical even in small environments. Cygna Labs Entitlement and Security for Active Directory provides the ability to gather and report on the latest or historical point in time collections of AD entitlements and group membership.

On-Premises Module

Cloud Module

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