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N3K has been specialising in IPAM for almost twenty years. It’s an area in which N3K supports more than 150 large German businesses, including half of DAX companies. We are the only provider in Germany to work together with every leading IPAM manufacturer, which means we can advise you independently of them all. Take advantage of our unique wealth of experience to find the ideal IPAM solution for your needs.

IP Management with Cygna DiamondIP

Diamond IP offers maximum flexibility when managing DDI using IPControl software. Cygna DiamondIP (IPAM) solutions optimise the management of the entire IP address lifecycle.

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Infoblox has combined the key basic network services of DNS, DHCP and IP address management (IPAM) into one appliance platform for businesses. By providing DNS, DHCP and IPAM centrally, Infoblox helps businesses meet their current and evolving IT needs, while delivering the highest standards of security, service availability and operational efficiency.

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IP management with VitalQIP

It can be difficult to keep track of who is using which IP addresses and which IP addresses and subnets are still available, especially in larger TCP/IP networks – even if things are largely clear due to databases and spreadsheets.

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Micetro by Men & Mice

Micetro by Men & Mice provides a unified, scalable management layer with comprehensive features for optimising the management of your existing DNS and DHCP servers. Complexity and administrative outlay are reduced, operating safety is increased, and important auditing and reporting features are made available without you having to turn your existing DNS and DHCP infrastructure upside down.

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runIP – Maximising the benefits of your VitalQIP investment

The runIP Managed Appliance solution optimises the efficiency and value of your VitalQIP® investment by providing an efficient means of rolling out, configuring, patching and upgrading DNS and DHCP servers.

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