Cygna Recovery for Azure AD

Mistakes in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) can severely impact user productivity. Cygna Recovery for Azure AD provides both granular and bulk restoration capabilities to allow you to quickly recover. View differences between snapshots and to the live environment and recover Azure cloud only objects not saved by on-prem backups solutions. You can also recover items not supported by the Azure AD recycle bin such as configurations for devices, conditional access policies, application proxy settings and multifactor authentication settings. Minimize the risk of business disruptions and eliminate tedious manual efforts to ensure business continuity with Cygna Recovery for Azure Active Directory.

Integrated audit and recovery

Recover from changes that should not have been made in the first place whether unauthorized or unintentional. Simply recover objects or attribute values in a few simple mouse clicks. Compare values to the live environement or between snapshots.

Granular recovery

Reduce the risk of changes interrupting operations. Flexible recovery options allow you to only recover what is needed, individual attributes, object, groups of objects or a portion of the directory so valid changes are not overwritten.

Leverage RBAC and scope

Access to use rollback and recovery features in product are controlled through RBAC and scope. Native AAD permissions to the objects are also required to perform the operation giving organizations complete control over the process.

Real-time alerts

Be notified in real-time of critical changes that may require immediate rollback or recovery. Alerts can be sent via email or to SIEM systems.

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Cloud Modules

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