runIP Enterprise Server

runIP provides dedicated Appliances to replace generic VitalQIP servers which are manually installed on standard platforms like RedHat Linux or Windows. runIP is designed specifically for VitalQIP by VitalQIP experts. runIP was the first appliance for VitalQIP on the market – it is available since 2004. Originally focused on VitalQIP DNS/DHCP Servers runIP now also sup- ports VitalQIP Enterprise Servers with the runIP ES Appliance. The runIP ES Appliance brings the proven runIP features and advantages to the cental VitalQIP management system.


In addition the runIP ES Appliances adds VitalQIP Enterprise Server specific capabilities:

Comprehensive monitoring of the central database

Data synchronization between active Primary ES and warm standby Backup ES


Automated failover from Primary to Backup ES via runIP Monitoring Action

Periodic data backups plus the ability to generate full or differential backups on the fly

Full rollback – including data reco- very – for VitalQIP version updates


Backup to 3rd party system for inte- gration into custom backup to exter- nal storage




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runIP ES Appliances will always be deplo- yed as a pair of Enterprise Servers (Primary and Backup) to provide resilience. The runIP ES Appliance is available as hardware (buy or rent) and VM. The runIP ES Appliances come in three sizes to match different environments.

Enterprise Server Standard: up to 25 managed DNS/ DHCP Servers, up to 25.000 managed IPs.

Enterprise Server Large:      up to 75 managed DNS/DHCP Servers, up to 75.000 managed IPs


Enterprise Server X-Large: more than 75 managed DNS/ DHCP Servers, more than 75.000 managed IPs