Cygna Recovery for Active Directory

Recovery for Active Directory provides continuous backup that minimizes the risk of business disruptions. The solution stores every change in a continuous change log, enabling you to instantly roll back unwanted changes with a simple click of a button, even down to individual attributes. Eliminate tedious manual recovery efforts, save critical time, and ensure business continuity.

Rollback & Recover

Mistakes are going to happen. It’s a matter of when, to what and how big of an impact they make. We have become accustomed to in the products we use to have an undo button but there is no such feature in Active Directory. Sometimes the mistake is an accidental deletion. You can enable the Active Directory recycle bin for restoring deleted objects but there are drawbacks to this as well. Once the AD recycle bin is enabled it can not be undone. It will increase the DIT size which will impact every Domain Controller in your environment, and it doesn’t work with GPOs. It also doesn’t give you the ability to rollback or undo changes made to objects. Cygna Recovery for Active Directory allows you to quickly and easily undo unwanted or accidental changes down to the attribute level. Recover deleted objects including GPOs using a database to store backup data and not the DIT.

Integrated audit and recovery

Undo changes that should not have been made in the first place whether unauthorized or unintentional. Simply rollback objects or attribute values in a few simple mouse clicks. Single agent for both audit and recovery.

Granular recovery

Reduce the risk of changes interrupting operations to give you piece of mind. Minimize the impact of a recovery by only recovering what is needed, individual attributes, object, groups of objects or a portion of the directory.

Simple deployment

Centralized database, single agent and a unified web-based console ensure fast and easy deployments that are easy to maintain.

On-Premises Modules

Cloud Modules


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