Cygna Auditor for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the most widely adopted and used cloud service globally. Most of the organizations that adopt Microsoft 365 or Office 365 also still have on-prem infrastructure, so they need a hybrid solution for their audit and compliance reporting. Cygna Auditor for Microsoft 365 allows you to monitor all of the activity and changes in a single console providing you the insight you need.

When moving your organization to Microsoft 365 there are often worries about losing control and not knowing what is happening in this key productivity suite. You need insight into your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and other components to meet compliance requirements. How are you going to know about potentially sensitive actions or investigate past events to understand what occurred? Cygna Auditor for Microsoft 365 ensures your organization has the data for reporting it needs and alerting capabilities to act swiftly to securely take advantage of Microsoft 365. Cygna Auditor for Microsoft 365 can alert you on critical changes admin role changes or when emails get delivered using the send as permission. You can also track admin activities like password changes and resets.


Detailed change auditing

Provides detailed insight into configuration, security and permission changes across your Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online systems, including actionable who, what, when and where details and before and after values.

Alerts on critical activity

Be notified of critical changes that may require immediate attention such as changes to mail server security, Send As emails, administrative roles among others.

Monitor email activities

Track user email activities such as sign ins, created calendar events, deleted messages, moved messages, and Send As activities.

Track admin role changes

Cygna Auditor for Office 365 shows you when users have been added or removed from administrative roles.

Exchange online configuration changes

Cygna Auditor for Office 365 monitors your critical email infrastructure by tracking all administrative changes to its configuration.

Visibility into user administration

Cygna Auditor for Office 365 tracks changes made to user accounts by administrators, such as adds and deletes, and password changes and resets.


On-Premises Modules

Cloud Modules

Cygna Labs is a leading provider of compliance solutions that grant unparalleled visibility across Microsoft-hybrid IT infrastructures. Built from the ground up to protect data regardless of its location, Cygna Auditor delivers insight into user behavior, system configuration and data sensitivity. Organizations worldwide rely on Cygna Labs to detect and proactively mitigate data security threats, affordably pass compliance audits, with less effort, and increase the productivity of their IT departments.

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