Zero Passwords, Zero Attack Surface, Zero Trust

Security starts with the desktop login

No Zero Trust or continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) strategy is complete without user-friendly desktop MFA. Your workstation is the very front door to the enterprise. Deploy passwordless and secure desktops for everyone, everywhere in just days.

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Experience 300% Faster Login Speeds

HYPR combines True Passwordless Authentication with a mobile-first user experience, enabling users to login more than 300% faster than password-based MFA.

Turn Your Smartphone into a FIDO Token

Your workforce wants ease of use. When you combine the thirst for usability with a familiar and convenient device, you create a security experience that drives MFA adoption and productivity. HYPR gives your workforce speed so that they can more quickly access resources across the enterprise.

Reimagine Single Sign On

Login once, and forget the rest. The first step starts with True Passwordless™ Desktop MFA. HYPR’s patented mobile-initiated login prevents phishing and PUSH attacks that come with legacy MFA. Authentication is then extended to your SSO, creating a modern login experience unlike any other.

Passwordless and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication

Secure login has never been so easy

All users register their smartphone independently as an authenticator device for passwordless login with HYPR. All they have to do is scan a QR code and select the appropriate authentication method: face recognition, fingerprint or decentralized PIN.



Say Goodbye to Unlocked Workstations

Introducing Remote Lock by HYPR.

This advanced feature enhances your passwordless workforce by making it faster and easier to lock your computer from anywhere using your smartphone. Remote Lock™ gives your users unprecedented control over their workstation, which ultimately helps your organization bolster your security posture

No Smart Phone? No Problem.

Don't have a smart phone? The HYPR Desktop MFA client allows you to use any passwordless authenticator such as Windows Hello, Touch ID, and FIDO2 Tokens such as Yubikey. HYPR gives you the flexibility you need to execute a comprehensive passwordless strategy across the enterprise whether it’s for single sign-on, Mac or Windows MFA.

HYPR for Windows 10

Security and productivity rise and fall at the desktop. The modern day employee wastes an average of 24 hours per year logging into workstations. As enterprises enforce more complex passwords, they end up spending millions of dollars in password resets and help desk costs while reducing workforce productivity.

Desktop MFA takes passwords out of the equation.


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HYPR for Mac OS

Do your teams have MacOS workstations? Security and productivity start at the desktop. The average employee wastes 24 hours per year logging into company resources. In many cases, large enterprises enforcing complex passwords have spent millions of dollars in password resets, IT and helpdesk costs. Productivity losses and legacy MFA’s failure to stop phishing and credential reuse are pushing enterprises to go beyond passwords.



When passwords are removed from the remote work scenario, credentials-based attacks are mitigated and helpdesk calls decline. HYPR’s passwordless VDI provides native multi-factor authentication (MFA) using company or personal mobile devices your teams already have. Our mobile-initiated VDI login ensures the right person has access using high standards that were once impossible without hardware or software tokens.


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