Active Directory and Cloud Auditing

Improve the availability, security and compliance

of your IT infrastructure and reduce costs and

downtime with Cygna Labs products.

Active Directory and Cloud Auditing

According to a study by IDC, 80% of all network problems are caused by changes. Unintentional changes in file systems, Active Directory or critical applications such as Exchange or Office 365 can quickly lead to wide-ranging problems.

Our auditing and reporting solutions help you to avoid these problems and ensure permanent security and control, despite constant changes. Improve the security and compliance of your Active Directory, File Servers and Microsoft Applications, both in your own data centre and in the cloud, using built-in monitoring features, best practice procedures and extensive change auditing capabilities.

Cygna Labs’ products enable Organizations to improve the availability, security and compliance of their infrastructure, reduce costs associated with poor performance and downtime, and fulfill regulatory and internal compliance requirements.

Cygna Auditor Platform

The Cygna Auditor platform provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring, securing, alerting and reporting on Microsoft-based hybrid infrastructures of all sizes.

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Cygna Auditor for Active Directory

Active Directory is a critical component of your IT infrastructure. Cygna Auditor for Active Directory monitors all the activities in your Windows directory service. It allows you to detect incorrect and unauthorized changes and reverse them if necessary, and to trigger alerts – regardless of whether the changes were caused by internal activities or external attacks.

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Cygna Recovery for Active Directory

Cygna Recovery for Active Directory helps you keep track of the status of your Active Directory across all domain controllers. If necessary, you can undo specific changes if you need to.

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Cygna Auditor for Azure AD

Azure AD provides a critical control mechanism for the Microsoft cloud in line with the role of Active Directory in your on-premises environment. Cygna Auditor for Azure AD monitors activity in this essential cloud service and alerts you to changes that might compromise the security of your IT environment.

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Cygna Auditor for Microsoft 365

Office 365 is one of the most widely used cloud applications. Microsoft Exchange is at the heart of internal and external communication at many companies, and Microsoft SQL Server provides the database backend for numerous applications. Cygna Labs’ solution enables businesses to monitor changes in these systems and thus monitor, secure and control them more effectively.

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Cygna Auditor for Windows File System

Cygna Auditor for Windows File System provides detailed monitoring and alerting for Windows file servers. It enables IT organizations to limit risks and document compliance more effectively. Monitor the creation of files and folders, changes and deletions, and keep tabs on who made changes and when.

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Cygna Auditor for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform that belongs to the Microsoft 365 family. MS Teams is an important enabler for businesses tfor businesses to allow remote work or work from home using chats, online meetings, calls and collaboration features. Information can be shared easily, both internally and externally but all these activities need to be monitored. Cygna Auditor for Teams tracks all these activities and helps you to guarantee the security, compliance and control of your environment.

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VitalQIP Training | 5 days theory & practice

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Our training is designed for administrators & VitalQIP system administrators in your organization:


Solid understanding of TCP/IP

Basic understanding of DNS & DHCP

This five-day training provides a comprehensive understanding of DNS & DHCP services and their successful operation based on the VitalQIP product.

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