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We develop solutions – tailored to the 
individual needs of our clients.

IP Address Management

Clarity, Efficiency, Control, Reliability


Active Directory & Cloud Auditing

Monitoring, safeguarding, alerting and reporting in Microsoft-based hybrid infrastructures


Privileged Access Management & Security

The modern and universal approach to

authorisation management 

About N3K

Fast-growing IP networks demand professional solutions for the wide-ranging facets of network management. N3K specialises in IP Address Management, Active Directory & Cloud Management and Privileged Access Management & Security, allowing it to provide comprehensive support to IT organisations in these areas. N3K’s success is based on its high level of expertise and experience in the select specialist areas on which it focuses. This allows it to tailor concepts to the particular requirements of its clients. Individual software products can only ever be specialised tools, not complete solutions.

N3K therefore supports its clients throughout their entire project cycles by providing needs analysis, concept design, project planning, implementation and training. Then there are our comprehensive maintenance services, including worldwide 24/7 support and direct client dial-in.


Needs analysis | Concept design | Project planning | Implementation | Training | Support


N3K Network Systems has established itself as Germany’s leading provider on the basis of this philosophy. More than half of DAX companies now rely on N3K products and services. With locations in the USA, Singapore and Kanada services can also be provided globally.

IP Address Management

N3K has been specialising in IPAM for over twenty years. It’s an area in which N3K supports more than 150 large German businesses, including half of DAX companies. We are the only provider in Germany to work together with every leading IPAM manufacturer, which means we can advise you independently of them all. Take advantage of our unique wealth of experience to find the ideal IPAM solution for your needs.

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Active Directory & Cloud Auditing

According to a study by IDC, 80% of all network problems are caused by changes. Unintentional changes in file systems, Active Directory or critical applications such as Exchange or Microsoft 365 can quickly lead to far-reaching problems. Our auditing and reporting solutions help you to avoid these problems and ensure permanent security and control, despite constant changes. 

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Privileged Access Management & Security

Today’s Privileged Access Management is much more than just shared account password management, i.e. the administration of passwords for shared user accounts provided as one-time access passwords. It’s about keeping constant control of the behaviour of users with higher permissions. And these people are no longer just administrators such as root and domain admins; they can be users with higher authorisation in business applications.

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Customers from every industrial sector rely on N3K
More than 150 of the largest German businesses have their network solutions managed by N3K.

Banks & Insurances

Media & Communication

Retail & Transport

Industry & Production

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