Micetro by Men & Mice

Accurate rights assignment, auditing and reporting for your existing DNS and DHCP infrastructure

Micetro by Men & Mice provides a unified, scalable management layer with comprehensive features for optimising the management of your existing DNS and DHCP servers. Complexity and administrative outlay are reduced, operating safety is increased, and important auditing and reporting features are made available without you having to turn your existing DNS and DHCP infrastructure upside down.


Your sustainable networking starts here

Think about your network as an ever-growing orchestra, ready to play the symphony of your business objectives. Micetro is your conductor: coordinating the different elements and ensuring that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts. It is designed to support your dynamically scaling networks. Your most common hurdles in managing core network services are solved through the non-disruptive, widely compatible overlay. Micetro pulls data from your critical network components unobtrusively, and facilitates much-needed communication spanning heterogeneous network environments. With Micetro your organization's network can unlock sustainability by removing hardware bottlenecks and circumventing upgrade abuse.

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Solution Overview Micetro by Men & Mice

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Micetro is your conductor

DDI across hybrid and multicloud environments

A multicloud network can be comprised solely of multiple cloud vendors or a hybrid network utilizing both on-prem infrastructure and more than one cloud service. Micetro by Men&Mice is such a solution, developed to provide an abstraction layer for cloud and on-prem networks that can work with any underlying technology or service. From VMware to Azure to AWS, NS1 and Akamai — it doesn’t matter what’s in your networks; what matters is how you see and manage it.

DNS Management

Micetro was designed to orchestrate DNS data across multiple platforms, from on-premise to cloud through backend-agnostic bridges. With Micetro, you manage all your data, not a singular platform.    Micetro's consolidated DNS management provides automatic orchestration across platforms, removing the gaps between live data and documentation. Built-in automation eliminates much of the possibility for human error, and can be augmented with custom scripting that uses just a single API layer for multiple platforms

DHCP Management

DHCP management is critical to enterprise network management. With Micetro's DHCP management features, network administrators can take full advantage of DHCP servers and devices in the network, boosted by the seamless integration with DNS and IPAM. Benefitting from the unified orchestration interface, managing DHCP in Micetro is streamlined, intuitive, and transparent. Automating DHCP operations is also simplified through the fully-featured API, regardless of the underlying technology, enabling network administrators to be more productive.

Simple delegation of rights

Administrators with global responsibility can grant subordinate administrators and help desk staff finely granulated access rights to areas such as individual domains, subnets and IP addresses. This means that day-to-day business can be handled professionally by local staff at different locations via an easy-to-use Web interface, in which each user has exactly the rights he or she needs to complete tasks. At the same time, every single change is subjected to comprehensive error and consistency checks to limit the risk of misconfiguration.

Instant overview

Unify management of multiple networks on a single GUI/API and gain an all-in-one view and control of DDI.


Extend the value of existing infrastructure assets to ensure existing resources are utilized to the fullest.

Complementary with many solutions

Seamless integration into many other network monitoring/management solutions.

Deploys with ease

Deployment of Micetro by Men&Mice is non-disruptive and can be performed gradually.

Key Features



DDI across hybrid and multicloud environments

Move towards more efficient DNS, DHCP, and IP Address management with consolidated views, secure monitoring of hybrid and multicloud network services and integrated management of all network spaces across platforms.

Work smarter with DNS workflows

Gain greater control and transparency over changes within your DNS infrastructure through an efficient queue of requests and approvals for DNS tasks.


Simple wizard installation & A Powerful GUI

A powerful GUI that provides a management layer above your existing DNS and DHCP servers, allowing you to manage environments with many thousands of IP addresses effectively.





Integrating DNS, DHCP and IP address management

The documentation of your IP addresses always matches your DNS and DHCP configuration. The IP Address Management Module uses DNS and DHCP data to keep track of which IP addresses are in use at any given time.


Role-based access control

You can define different roles for access. For example: grant users access to specific DNS zones, DHCP ranges and particular IP addresses, and do so independently of particular DNS and DHCP servers.

Full integration with Microsoft Active Directory

in terms of both user authentication and support for AD-integrated DNS zones.

Customisable web interface 

Provide your local administrators and help desk staff with a self-service interface customised to your organisation’s needs and policies.

Reporting tool

Comprehensive reporting features allow you to keep track of your IP address ranges. One of the things you can see is how heavily occupied your DHCP ranges are.

Expandable database

Dedicated additional fields can be flexibly defined for the different types of objects.

Quick filter

Efficient search and filtering – search as you enter a search string.


Founded in 1990, the Icelandic company Men & Mice specialises in software solutions in the fields of DNS, DHCP and IP address management. Its focus is on providing the best possible support for Microsoft DNS and DHCP server environments, and automated interfaces to the cloud.