Infoblox DDI

Your network is only as stable as the core network services used to run it – DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI). They play a key role in connecting all the devices and applications in your business. Control every aspect of IPAM, DNS and DHCP using an integrated platform. Eliminate manual processes and patchwork tools, increase IP address management efficiency and reduce your costs. Use powerful automation features to turn IP devices on and off and reconfigure their connections remotely from a central console. Get the efficiency and flexibility you need to keep ahead of the proliferation of devices, while reducing operational outlay by taking a unified, coordinated approach to IP address management.

Grid technology

Within the appliance network, the Infoblox Grid, all of the DNS/DHCP appliances (Grid members) communicate with the primary administrative appliance (Grid Master). The complete IPAM database can be replicated on another appliance (Grid Master Candidate) in order to make it even more fail-safe.

Benefits of Infoblox DDI

Based on NIOS

Infoblox is a leader in DDI. The Infoblox NIOS platform is the foundation for DDI services that offer high levels of scalability, management and network transparency.

Improved security

NIOS prevents the spread of malware, network intrusion attempts and data theft, thus providing comprehensive security.

Single Source of Truth

Infoblox offers a precise, consolidated database of IP addresses and DNS information that covers traditional and SD-WAN networks and is managed via a single interface.

Cloud integration

Infoblox DDI supports private, hybrid and public cloud architectures and can be integrated into the leading cloud orchestration and automation tools.

Infoblox Grid technology

Infoblox Grid technology ensures simple, smooth and secure operation of your Infoblox appliances.

Infoblox provides critical network services. These services secure the DNS (domain name system) infrastructure, automate cloud deployments, and help make corporate and service provider networks more available worldwide. Infoblox is the market leader in DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP address management) and reduces risk and complexity in network operations.