Retain oversight in your network

The larger your IP network, the harder it is to keep track of which IP addresses are in use and which IP addresses and subnets are still available. Even if your databases and spreadsheets seem to make things clear, you still have to know whether the same information is stored in the DNS.

And if you use DHCP as well, moving departments or integrating new network objects can become an administrative nightmare, because information has to be updated in several places independently and separately.



Nokia VitalQIP

Nokia’s VitalQIP IP address management system provides the answer. VitalQIP maintains a database of the IP infrastructure and every related network object on a central VitalQIP enterprise server. Using this database, the DNS and DHCP network services can be operated automatically on decentralised VitalQIP remote servers. Administration is decentralised too: each administrator logs into VitalQIP using a Web interface and can make changes to exactly those elements for which he or she is responsible.

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VitalQIP | Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name Systems (DNS) web service. It is designed to give an extremely reliable and effective way to route end users to applications on the Internet, infrastructure within internal and external networks, and to specific AWS infrastructure.  Amazon Route 53 provides a very robust Web User Interface as well as API to help define and maintain the DNS infrastructure, and it supports DNS resolution over IPv4 and IPv6.

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VitalQIP | Cisco DNA Center

Cisco DNA Center allows for integration with External IPAM Providers in their network management dashboard which is used to manage IP Address Pools, Sub-Pools and devices. .  VitalQIP 21 provides the necessary REST API specified by Cisco to achieve the IPAM integration.  These REST API provide the ability to retrieve, create, modify and delete IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure in VitalQIP all managed within the Cisco DNA Center Network IP Address Pools.  Cisco IPv4 and IPv6 Pools, Sub-Pools, and devices map to VitalQIP IPv4 Networks, IPv6 Blocks, IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets, IPv4 Objects and IPv6 Addresses.   In order to utilize this specialized REST API interface within Cisco DNA Center, the External IPAM provider must be configured in the Cisco IP Address Manager settings within Cisco DNA Center.

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N3K is Nokia’s most important partner in this field in Germany and manages VitalQIP-based solutions at over a hundred of the most renowned German companies.


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